Gallery 1802

Fine art gallery
Year: 2022
Location: La Crosse, WI
Service: Social Media Management


My new gallery was started and exists for only one reason:  Beauty.

Gallery 1802 is a magical place where those who create beauty are celebrated and those who seek beauty are rewarded.  A place where artists and collectors connect.  The gallery is spacious so that artworks may be nicely presented and properly lit.  There are intimate side rooms for featured artists and particular specialties.  Sofas and chairs are strategically placed throughout the gallery for viewing or relaxation, as needed.  Soft music plays.  Patrons are encouraged to both wander and linger.

The goal of Gallery 1802 is to present the original work of local, regional and a few national artists.  Painting, sculpture, woodworking and photography are all represented.  In addition, select commercially-available art objects such as decorative glass, ceramics and functional art are offered.  For example, the gallery will always have on display an ever-changing pair of art lamps of visual interest and high quality.  The complete line of Thibaut and Anna French wall coverings are also offered (over 70 books to peruse!) because the walls of homes deserve to be as beautiful as the art hanging upon them.  And wall paper is always best selected by experiencing the texture and feel of the artist-created papers – and what better place than within Gallery 1802!


More than 150 years ago, the French artist Eugene Delacroix defined beauty as anything “that transports the mind of the viewer to a finer place or time, somewhere they might, however briefly, experience peace.”  A noble sentiment for our often challenging and divisive everyday world!

I personally invite you to visit soon,

Mark Halter, Owner